2022 - 11

I've started to transplant many of the things I was growing into pots, I'm hoping to keep some indoors to survive the winter,

I also found a shoerack I can use to keep small pots on infront of the window and keep some herbs growing,

2022 - 10

Over on the other side, my parents place, I have 2 large planters now that I made myself, I also have some pots with potatoes and wall mounted planters with herbs there,

I'm going to try some more involved Polyculture with these larger planters, I'm gonna put something that grows tall in the back and medium at the front,

2022 - 9

I have been able to harvest some potatoes, tomatoes, stringbeans and broccoli this season! While it was all a bit meager, it's pretty good for some one who started a little late in season and is still learning as they go!

2022 - 9

This year I really started to do more and tried to expand everything I had,
I spend a lot of time and plants at the Green Library this year, While I don't see who takes my donations, I hope they do well,

I've offered up a lot of bell peppers and tomatoe sprouts this year and have foun d a lot of fun thigs to try and grow like strawberry!

I took the time to saw more palletes apart and make planters for the balcony, I also got really lucky and found some one getting rid of lots of excess dirt this year with their yard renovations!

2022 - 7

I had an idea! I would go to a local snackbar and ask for those tubs-pots they keep sauce or oil in, These are food-grade plastic and should be good to grow in! I clean them up, drill holes in the bottom andfill them up!

They have their own handle for easy transportation, the lid can be used as a water tray and if they are empty you can stack them with ease!
I thought this was a good idea for low space growing, I got the tubs for free, too!

2022 - 5

I would always have a balcony, I would hang up little planters and grow some house plants or flowers, but never really much more, I had always kinda wanted to grow bigger things, but was slightly intmidated by lack of knowledge,

Then I found a large pot and throw some soil in it, I just threw some tomato and bell pepper seeds in it and it started to sprout,
I grew interested and started to read up a little on growing stuff, and now I'm starting a little blog!