2023 - 11

Nothing much going on, I don't really have anything that I can grow in the colder weather, Some of the stuff outside is holding firm though!

Some Parsely, Mint and Catgrass,
The Strawberry plant is doing alright, not dying, no bugs, but little growth,
Leafs are looking good though, here's hoping to it surviving another year!

I'm growing new Mint inside, new Parsely and some others,
Over at the other place, I've set up for winter,
I lay down a chickenwire fence to keep cats out of the raised beds,
Some bellpeppers are still hanging on here while we try to grow hardy onions in the bin behind it,

That's gonna be it until I start seeding new sprouts in the next year!

2023 - 10

Harvesting time! This is the time of year where I start to harvest more things,
Days get shorter, more rain and overcast days, we also had some things get bug infested at the end,

There's not much to show right now, I've emptied some of the planters and don't really have anything I can grow in them for Winter,

At least we got a good haul of potatoes and tomatoes for this year, Twice as much as last year, granted, I've learned a bunch of things now,

2023 - 9

It's been a fair bit hasn't it?
I've mainly just been working through the summer while tending to the gardens as a simple pace, I got some fun stuff though!

The stuff out on the balcony has been doing alright! 1 of the 3 carrots I had was ripe enough to harvest along with some more of the corn we're growing on the other side!

The different Broccoli plants I have are doing their thing, I still get those little white moths laying eggs on them though, they try but I get most of them,

The little lettuce did well this year, I was able to just start snagging leafs and putting them on my lunch for the mid and latter part of the summer! They should be able to grow 1 more time before the years is out!

On the other side, I've been busy,
I builda scrap planters for some of the flowers that we're outgrowing their pots out of some pallets,
The potatoes here have been doing well, too!

The corn is doing really well, too!
This is the first time I'm growing it and 4 out of the 5 I planted grew and can be harvested

The tomatoes and veans also did well, al be it a bit messy, the bell peppers a rough time this year though, lots of bugs

2023 - 5

I've given out all the pumpkin sprouts I had spare!
I also made more little paper pots that I use to donate to the Green Library close by,

I've rearranged some stuff to catch more light or at the very least, not get in the way too much when I just sit around or tend to stuff,

The broccoli is doing good, gotta repot them soon before they outgrow their pots, The survivor from last year started blooming again! They also bring little bees to the place!

The lettuce is doing well, some of it is blasting off while some stays a little small though, I'm hesitant to repot so late in the year though,

The tomatoes have finally started to sprout after 3 attempts, I tried to grow them in seperate little pots first and try to limit the exposure to the outside at the start, but in the end, just throwing handfulls of seeds from the last tomato in the bag right into the planter worked the best,

2023 - 5

A lot of the pumpkins have sproutedd together with the lettuce, I'm leaving some of these sprouts at the Green Library about 2 to 3 times a week, much like I do with any things I grow each year,

Some things sprouted, others are having trouble,
The weather has also been a lttle rough and hard to work with, I've been trying various sowing and seeing tricks,

I'm also starting some corn!

I also got more broccoli growing under netting to protect it from moths,

The broccoli, leek and mint from last year made it through the winter and some uneasy first months, they've been growing and I can take little snippets from all them when I need it,

2023 - 4

3000 Views, that's a lot! Cheers everyone!
I don't really have an update, I was thinking about doing monthly wrap ups for the site about the core stuff I'm growing,

Here, have some lettuce sprouts for your time,

2023 - 4

I've filled up the planters I've made from wooden pallets and the normal pots I'm gonna use,
I have a good amount of small pots to grow sprouts in and a small glass pane to put stuff under that needs it,

I've drawn a plan of what to plant where and which planets are gonna share multiple crops and herbs,
While it's just some lines and rectangles on paper, it's really helps to find a place for everything,

I recently looked online and and locally for more seeds to try out and got in contact with some one who gave a binder full of random seeds!