Here I try to offer some small tips!

Keep in mind that you should always look for more local information when growing anything, Sometimes a certain crop just won't do well in your area or local bugs and other pests are too aggresive to keep growing through,

Getting started!

Getting started might seem like the hard part, but you'd be surprised by how you can get going quite quick!

First you'll need a plan, then a place, a pot and lastly, some soil,

Think about what you want to grow and how much space you have, Maybe you just want some herbs and onions, that could fit in a medium, thin but long planter on a windowsill, maybe if you're looking at potatoes from bins, having outside acces would be the better option,

While having a yard or a balcony is the best, if you find a pot or planter that fits on the windowsill that will still work!

Pots can be bough in bulk from larger gardening stores, found on online markets locally or even fished out of the trash, You can also get creative and use buckets or food grade buckets and bins from snackbars or deli's, discarded buckets from local construction can also be used if cleaned up a bit

Soil or dirt can be found in much the same way, online, locally, large stores or by the trash, Sometimes you will have some poor quality on your hands but there are little ways to help it improve, Burying kitchen scraps or organic trash can add a lot of nutrients to soil over time, it will also attract worms which help a great deal in making and cleaning up dirt and soil into something better

You want to start by looking at what grows well in your area, get yourself some plastic little boxes that light can sorta pass through, you want to put a piece of kitchen roll or toilet paper in there, space out our seeds on it and then cover it again with paper, You pour a little water on it and put the lid on, keep it in a well light place and warm enough, about 10 celcius is the best,

Soon they will start growing roots and can be moved into smaller pots or something already in their forever-planter, keep them indoors unless it's sunny,

When growing inside, you may not have acces to this way of improving soil and may be better off buying a bag or find specifically clean soil from online and locals doing yard renovations

Indoors you really wanna focus on Herbs and small things, Maybe if you have a large enough table by a window you could grow shrub tomatoes!

Outside gives you more options, but also a large threat of bugs! Both good and bad ones, maybe even local cats and birds, From growing outside, finding some cheap netting will help so much, wether it be fine netting meant for bugs or just a good enough , thin curtain, it will work if you secure it well,

When growing, keep in mind that you may attract bees, bees means no harm and just want to collect pollen, they are attracted to yellow the most, so have a look at maybe some flowers to plant between your herbs and food, in the end, you help your local eco system a little and they can help pollinate whatever else you're growing

You may also attract wasps, now, wasps can be a little more aggresive, but in the end they can help by eating other smaller pests from your plants

Spiders! Spiders will also start appearing, spiders will also mean no harm, but tend to not be that smart with where they set up, you can't really place a spider and have it set it's web up where it's the best spot to do so,